Vacant Property Security Systems

We don't need power, a phone line or internet connection to set up a fantastic security system. All we need is a mobile signal and a foundation upon which to fix our devices. This makes it an ideal system for properties that are vacant and require protection.

Our system is portable. This means that it can be relocated to any other location if the vacant property gets sold or demolished.

This system has been proven to prevent the likes of squatters, vandals and burglaries. Due to the nature of these buildings, such incidents have been difficult to prevent until now and we are proud to offer a solution that is both affordable and effective.

Vacant Property? InstaGuard.

Vacant Property Security Specialists Worthing, West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire


Commercial or Residential Properties

Vacant Property Security Specialists West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire


As many cameras as necessary

Vacant Property Specialists Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire


No power or internet connection required

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