Construction Site Security Systems

We can install our remotely monitored, temporary security systems anywhere there is a mobile signal. We have no need for power cables, phone lines or internet services for our systems. This is what makes us so appealing to construction sites as these facilities are often lacked, even more so in the early stages of a construction project.

Construction sites are generally uncontrolled environments as they are difficult to contain and regulate. Therefore the use of our video verification systems is vital to eliminate false alarms and provide priority response when there is a crime in progress that needs police attention.

The sheer portability of our systems means that we can move with you. When the development of the project evolves, we can move our cameras and other security devices to ensure that all the most vital areas are covered at all times. There is no compromise when it comes to site security and we have built a reputable business on staying true to that promise.

Construction Site? InstaGuard.

Construction Site Security Specialists Worthing, West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire


Designed to secure a construction site at any stage

Construction Site Security Specialists West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire


As many cameras as necessary

Construction Site Security Specialists Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire


Devices can move with the site

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